Automation of Sewage Treatment Plant in Varaklani (Varakļāni)

Used controller: Fatek.

Used visualization program: on PcVue .

Task of the project:

automation of the sewage treatment process in the town of Varaklani (Latvia).

Goal of the project:

The sewage treatment devices ensure treatment of sewage collected at pumping stations. The treatment process consists of: pre-treatment, aeration, re-circulation, sludge re-circulation and removal of floating materials. All devices involved in this process are managed by "Fatek" controller. Information on the process and the status of the devices can be observed using the visualization software which is developed on the basis of PcVue.

The software enables to manage the process using a computer to change status and mode of the devices. The given visualisation software is the main working tool for the equipment operator. Operator goes to observe a certain device in case an emergency signal is received. The software records all operator actions. For example, it is possible to analyse when an emergency signal appeared, when the operator read it and when the operator marked it as complete. In addition to all standard service options offered by this software, there are also announcements on necessity to perform regular or technical maintenance of the devices or their components.

Task algorithm

In the "Receiving chamber" the sewage is pumped in from the "Main pump station", from "Raina Street pump station" and from "Septic sediment acceptance compartment" which is located in the territory of the complex. Afterwards the sewage enters "Thin crossbar - removal of sand" where sand and other solid materials are removed, but the remaining liquid part of the sewage is returned to receiving chamber. Clean water from the city is used to wash the sand removal device. After the "sand removal" the liquid substance goes to "Flow distribution chamber", out of which two identical purification lines develop, but in case of an emergency goes directly into a river. Each purification line consists of "Aeration tank" where sewage is mixed with sludge and enriched with oxygen (to ensure living conditions for bacteria) and "Secondary settlement" where sludge settles. The remaining part of the sewage from both secondary settlements goes back to receiving chamber. Purified sewage goes to an automatic sample collection station and is drained into a river. Settled sludge from both purification lines goes to "Sludge pump station". From the sludge well one part of the sludge goes to aeration tank to ensure living conditions for bacteria, but the other part is pumped to "Sludge gravitation settler". Solid materials go to "Sludge storage field". From the sludge storage field liquid settlement goes back to the receiving chamber.

Visualization program screens

treatment 04 1
treatment 04 2







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