Automation of Container Sterilization for Ltd Pure Food (Sia Pure Food)

Used controller: Siemens S7-300.

Used visualization program: on base Panel Weintek MT8070 + EasyBuilder 8000 ..

Task of the project: automation of container (250-1000 litres) sterilization process, to transport and store jams.

Goal of the project:

Sterilization process consists of three cycles:

  1. 1. Heating up with steam to a set temperature;
  2. 2. Maintenance of sterilization temperature for a set time period;
  3. 3. Refrigeration with cold water.

When refrigerating the inside of the container, compressed air is fed in to maintain the air pressure. In case of critically low pressure, steam is applied to prevent the container sides from collapsing. The automatics periodically change the devices into an air filter sterilization mode. This process is analogical to the sterilization of the containers.

The operation of the devices can be seen on the dash-board.

During the process of sterilization data for reports is being collected.

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