Automatization of washing equipment (CIP) (Rīgas Piensaimnieks, Aldaris, Krasnogorska)

Used controller: Fatek .

Used visualization program: Weintek.

1.Projekta mērķis

Projekta uzdevums: Izveidot tehnoloģisko iekārtu automatizētu mazgāšanas sistēmu:

  1. 1.Goal of the project

    Task of the project: create automated cleaning system of technological equipment:

    1. For milk processing enterprise "Rigas Piensaimnieks" (Latvia).
    2. For brewery "Aldaris" (part of Calsberg group) (Latvia).
    3. For cleaning of bioreactors (Krasnogorsk city, Russia)
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 Fig. 1 - Sample1: mobile cleaning equipment CIP_BIO

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Fig. 2 - Sample 2: CIP equipment qt the brewery "Aldaris"

Task of project: develop a universal approach to create CIP equipment

2. Stages of the Project

The execution of the project can be divided into following stages:

  • Formation of the technological diagram of the devices (in conjunction with technology company);
  • Development of list of devices to be managed;
  • Formation of control principle based on recipes;
  • Preparation of work plan;
  • Structural diagram of the automation;
  • Electrical design (Diagrams of control panel and assembly);
  • Ordering and procuring component parts (management system, sensors, etc.);
  • Algorithm of the management system work;
  • PLC programming (for example, for a project CIP_BIO- programmable controller Fatek);
  • HMI programming (for example, for a project "Rigas Piensaimnieks- visualization on the operator panel "Weintek" );
  • Assembly of control board;
  • Testing of the management system before delivery to the Contracting authority;
  • Delivery of the control board to the object;
  • External installation of electrical devices at the object;
  • Testing of the management system at the object;
  • Staff training and submission of project documentation to the Contracting authority;
  • Putting into operation.

3.Technology of the Site

Production consists of the following:

  • Tanks for cleaning solutions;
  • Pumps;
  • Valve to form a liquid route;
  • Sensors for process control system;
  • Equipment for heating liquids;
  • Controls system with washing programs recipe.

For each case, depending on the washing equipment is chosen systems productivity the composition of the CIP equipment, cleaning technological scheme and the control system.

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Fig. 3 - Sample 1: CIP_BIO technological scheme (cleaning of bioreactors)

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 Fig. 4 - Sample 2: CIP technological scheme for brewery

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 Fig. 5 - Sample 3: CIP technological scheme for milk production.

4.Management system

Example for a control system CIP_BIO installation

Management system consists of:

  • Operator panel "Weintek";
  • Programmable controller "Fatek";
  • Frequency converters "Omron";
  • Bioprocess controller "BIO-3".
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Fig. 6 - structural scheme of CIP control system

In this case, CIP control system is connected with bioprocess controller BIO-3. Internet and software Router is used to adjust working mode and software, as well as for remote observation. Equipment cleaning process, including selection of programs available for washing programs recipes, can be controlled by one person.

5.Electrical devices

Electrical design is prepared using PCshematicElautomation.(or Pcad) software package.

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Fig. 7 - Illustration of principal diagram for control cabinet CIP "Rigas Piensaimnieks"




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Fig. 8 - Illustration of assembly of control cabinet

6.PLC program

Control software is developed on the basis of WinProLadder software

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Fig. 9 - device control algorithm in PLC software CIP_BIO.




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 Fig.10 - management program algorithm for phosphate washing in milk industry.

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 Fig. 11 - example of the construction software WinProLadder for CIP_BIO program

7.HMI program.

Process visualization and control system is based on a software package EasyBilder for operator panel "Weintek".

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 Fig. 12 - Operator panel screen of CIP_BIO (main menu)





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 Fig. 13 - Operator panel screen of CIP_BIO (recipe parameter menu)

8.Project features

The deep integration of the bioreactor control system together with the CIP-BIO stop control system has been implemented in the CIP project for washing bioreactors. This allowed using the bioreactor equipment resources (reservoir, mixer, valves, heater, etc.) for a washing procedure; herewith, the peculiarities of each bioreactor to be washed have been put into the CIP recipe.

The replacement of the out-of-date control system based on PLC Siemens of S5 series with the control system using PLC Siemens S7-315 has been implemented in the CIP project for the brewery. At such updating, the equipment downtime amounted to 1 day.

The principle of different equipment washing control with different washing programs has been implemented in the CIP project for the milk processing plant. This allowed using the different types of washing solutions and flexible recipes of washing (time parameters, fluid conductance, types of chemical substances in the recipe, etc. are set).

Based on the experience in building these and other CIP units one has made a conclusion on the possibility of an optimal choice of the CIP systems (equipment and control systems) for each specific technological process.

The choice of the CIP process equipment depends on the required capacity of the system and scope of use (in which production it is used) and peculiarities of the Customer's process equipment.

The choice of the programmable controller and control panel type depends on the Customer's wish, project cost and used control system of the equipment to be washed.

The operator interface in the system is multilingual (including Ru).

The documentation, including the project one, programs, drawings and instructions for personnel are submitted in the language agreed with the Customer.


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