The control of bottle boxes in the conveyers in alcohol production (JSC Latvijas Balzams)

Used controller: based on Basic Tiger (Wilke Technology GmbH) .

Used visualization program: DATU CENTRS, created on a basis of Delphi un Crystal Report 7 PRO .

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This system consists of optical sensors, controllers, buffer computer, computers connected to the network and program DATU CENTRS.

The main task of the system is to control produced drinks, kinds of tare, utilized capacity of lines and products ingoing to the storage. On the basis of this information it is possible to decide operatively about producing the definite drink.

Optical sensor control system is placed on the each line and is connected with controller. The location of sensors and algorithm of program provide inerrable box accounting in motion (it analyses situations that assesses break, occasional sensor control turning on etc. factors that could cause a mistake).

Controllers of all lines are connecter to the RS485 interface line.

Operator beginning the work enters the code of producing drink. Computer verifies it and sends to the controller the title of the product (if operator has made a mistake, the real title is not sent). All accounted production is sent to the program DATU CENTRS.

This program provides demonstrative accounting of kind and quantity of production:

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1 Exit from the program To finish the work with program.
2 Options To open window of options (look OPTIONS)
3 Connect to the server To connect to the data server. During the connection window with action list is viewed. It imagines steps of connection stages. After this operation the last accounting data of each line appears on the display. Information is restored automatically with defined time period that is assigned in the options.
4 Disconnect from the server To disconnect from the data server. The restoration of information is interrupt. It is advisable to disconnect in case if you leave for a longer time period and keep program on working. While exiting from the program will turn off automatically.
5 Open the window of detailed view After the pressing the appropriate line button the window of the detailed view of the OPERATING DAY appears. If there is not data on the operating day, warning message will appear. To look the data of previous day use ARCHIVE function in STORAGE window.
6 Call for the storage window Detailed description in the part "Storage"
7 Description of the product Description of the operating product. Operator of accounting controller enters the data before the beginning of the accounting.
8 Accounted boxes and dekalitres It shows the accounted boxes and calculated dekalitres.
9 Icon of the line position Icon that shows the position of each accounting controller. Placing the mouse pointer on the icon ToolTip window with the title of the showed icon appears, for example for icon "STOP" - "line does not work".
10 The date and time of the beginning of the last accounting. The date and time of the beginning of accounting showed on display.

By clicking on the interested object it is possible to gain detailed information on each line:

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1 To show table of process or graph of utilized capacity To connect between tabular and graphical interpretation.
2 Detailed data about the current process AAnalogical to the main window
3 Icon - the line is turned off Only in the tabular interpretation. Specifies the time of turning off the line.
4 Icon - accounting is started Only in the tabular interpretation. Specifies the time of accounting start, the kind of product and tare and the beginning excise mark.
5 Icon - change of excise Only in the tabular interpretation. Specifies the change of the excise.
6 Icon - the last box Only in the tabular interpretation. Specifies the amount of bottles in the last box. Operator enters this amount at the end of the accounting.
7 Icon - summary Only in the tabular interpretation. After the accounting finish appears the summary of accounting start and finish time, accounted boxes and dekalitres.
8 Graph - lines or columns Only in graphical interpretation. Switches the interpretation form from the lines to the columns.
9 ITurn on/off dimension (2D/3D) of the graph Only in graphical interpretation. Switches interpretation from the 2 dimensions to the 3 dimensions.
10 Print the graph To print graph showed on the display.
11 Calculator and notebook Simple calculator and notebook. Button "X" resets the notebook.

It is possible to view the graph of utilized capacity of the day:

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It is possible to have reports about each line and kind of production for different time periods:

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1 Title of report The title of the given report
2 Choice of date The notice about the necessary entrance parameter (day, week, month, year) is located above the choice of the date. To choose the week you have to choose any day of the necessary week. To choose the month - any day of the necessary month. To choose the year - any day of the necessary year.
3 List of the lines included in the report At least one line has to be specified in the report. To choose a number of lines hold pressing the CTRL button (on the keyboard) and with mouse click on the necessary lines.
4 Preparing of the report It is possible to print the report after the date and line choice. If there is not any information on the chosen date, program will show a warning message and the printing will stop.
5 Exit, crossing to the next report Crossing to the next report or exit to the storage window.
6 Steps of the action Show the action.

This system is adjustable for other production units.



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