About us

Stock company «Biotechnical Centre» was founded in 1996. The company operates with different manufacture, public utilities and environment processes control and management. Thechnology discovered in manufacture automatization is used at almost all the biggest latvian productive enterprises. The bioreactors and biocontrol controllers are ordered by foreign companies (Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Chehia).

On the fist stage of its work the cimpany was orientated on processes control in biotechnology and food production. The experience taken from those branches was successfully proceeded in chemical industry. Over the last year successful actifity was started in automatization of environment protection (cleansing equipment) and public utilities (water and heating supply) processes control.

Stock company «Biotechnical Centre» is also involved in EC projects «Eureka» and «Craft».

The company uses modern procoss control technology in its work. The specialized controllers of Siemens Simatic, General Electric Fanuc, Wilke Technology, as well as Mitsubishi and Danfoss were mastered in the processes control applying. The process visionalizing was based on Siemens WinCC and General Electric Cimplicity packages. Above all some specialized protocols were mastered such as LonWork, Profibus, Modbus, AS-I, etc.

The company development is progressing: it is mastering new technologies and enlarging the market segmets by offering modernization services the new clients of different branches. Deloitte & Touche servey from the Eastern Europe innovation enterprises reseach has valued «Biotechnical Centre» as the 11th place according to the innovation progress in the Eastern Europe, and taking into consideration its fast development through out the Baltic countries.

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