Development of Management Software for Charcoal Plant (Lambiotte retort) (SIA Līvānu Karbons )

Used controller: VIPA-500.

Used visualization program: PlantVue .

1.Goal of the Project

Task of the project - perform automation operations at an ecologically clean fuel (charcoal) plant, company "Livanu Karbons".

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2. Stages of the Project

The execution of the project can be divided into following stages:

  • Formation of the technological diagram of the devices (based on the documentation company "Lambiotte" documentation);
  • Development of list of devices to be managed;
  • Preparation of work plan;
  • Structural diagram of the automation;
  • Electrical design (Diagrams of control panel and assembly);
  • Ordering and procuring component parts (management system, sensors, etc.);
  • Algorithm of the management system work;
  • PLC programming (programmable controller VIPA-500);
  • SCADA programming (visualization on PlantVue base);
  • Assembly of control board;
  • Testing of the management system before delivery to the Contracting authority;
  • Delivery of the control board to the object;
  • External installation of electrical devices at the object;
  • Testing of the management system at the object;
  • Staff training and submission of project documentation to the Contracting authority;
  • Putting into operation.

3. Production technology

Production consists of the following parts:

  • Equipment for wood loading retort, including winches
  • Equipment for hot air supply
  • Equipment for cold air supply
  • Equipment for coal cooling
  • Equipment for coal unloading
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Fig.1 - Production technological scheme (example)

4. Management system

Production main management system consists of:

A) 1st retort control systems;

B) 2nd retort control systems.

Management system consists of:

  • Computer with installed software package - "Plant Vue" (SCADA)
  • Processor "VIPA-500"(PLC)
  • Weighing module for raw materials basket - "Fatek"
  • Peripheral Station - "Crevis"
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Fig.. 2 - Production control system structural scheme

Internet through Router device is used to ensure remote observation and adjustment of software and operating modes.

Production process starting with preparation of raw materials and ending with unloading of finished products at the warehouse can be controlled by one operator.

5. Electrical devices

Electrical design is prepared using P-plan software package.

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Fig.. 3 - Illustration of principal diagram for automatics panel




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Fig.. 4 - Illustration of assembly of automatics panel

6. PLC software

Control software is developed on the basis of Siemens Step7 software


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Fig. 5 - Illustration of device control algorithm in PLC software

7. SCADĄ software

Visualization of the production process and management system is developed on the basis of the "PlantVue" software.


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Fig.. 6 - Operator station OP1 screen photo - visualization of carbonized process.




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Fig.. 7 - Operator station OP1 screen photo - illustration of the process parameters

8. Project feature

Specialists from Belgian company "Lambiotte" participated in the process of preparation and execution of the project. This cooperation ensured that an efficient and technologically oriented production management system was developed.

Use of different controllers for each retort increased safety and security of the management system.


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